14-24 April 2016
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For the most recent edition of Festibérico visit www.Festiberico.net

Festibérico Tickets

Starting March 29 tickets for all screenings are on sale at the box-office of Filmhuis Lumen or online through this website (festiberico.net) or directly at www.filmhuis-lumen.nl.
Reserving tickets by phone is not possible.


To make this special festival possible, tickets cost € 11 for the general public, and € 9 for students, CJP and 65+ pas holders (not valid on Friday- and Saturday night).

You can buy special 5 ticket vouchers, strippenkaarten, for the festival (5 tickets for €45). They are valid for one or more persons, and can be exchanged by any five film tickets limited to the following rules:
Strippenkaarten are valid for screenings of Festibérico 2016 only;
Strippenkaarten bought online, can only be used online and strippenkaarten bought at the box office can only be used at the box office.

Box Office

The boxoffice of Filmhuis Lumen is open daily from 19.00 hours and on Wednesday-, Friday, Saturday and Sunday afternoon.