8-18 June 2023
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About us

The organizers are volunteers from, among others, Filmhuis Lumen, the TU Delft and the Iberia Club of the EPO. Festibérico had also the support of several institutions (see the Sponsors page).

This Festival is only possible due to the contribution of many volunteers of the Filmhuis Lumen who are not mentioned here!

Design, Leaflet

Enrique Krahe | @kikekrahe

Program comittee

Luis Berbil-Bautista, Pedro Borges, Marisa de Brito, Pieter van Haeften, Enrique Krahe, Kike Krahe, Telma Leitão, Ángel Rojo Galindo, Hans Slierendregt

Texts and materials were also contributed by:

João Barros, Aquiles Carattino, Dina Carapinha, A. Marieke Eveleens, Luc Freijer, Etel Javierre, Winnie de Keizer, Mafalda Pereira, Tiago Pinheiro


Bruno Wolf Pinto

Social mediums

Enrique Krahe | @kikekrahe, Telma Leitão


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