12-22 April 2018
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About us

The organizers are volunteers from, among others, Filmhuis Lumen, the TU Delft and the Iberia Club of the EPO. Festibérico had also the support of several institutions (see the Sponsors page).

Texts and materials were contributed by:

Jon Ariza de Miguel, João Barros, Luis Berbil-Bautista, Pedro Borges, Judith Bosman, Dina Carapinha, Patricia Cardona Roca, Berta Fernandez, João Ferreira, Emanuela Festa, Pieter van Haeften, Enrique Krahe, Telma Leitão, Tiago Pinheiro, Ildikó Plájás, Mario Sainz Martínez, Vincent Schmitz, Deborah Sherwood, Jeroen Visser

This Festival is only possible due to the contribution of many other volunteers of the Filmhuis Lumen who are not mentioned here!

Social mediums

Berta Fernandez, Telma Leitão


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