8-18 June 2023
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Festibérico Tickets

Tickets for all screenings are on sale at the box-office of Filmhuis Lumen or online through this website (festiberico.net) or directly at www.filmhuis-lumen.nl (see ’speciale voorstellingen').

Reserving tickets by phone is not possible.


To make this special festival possible, tickets cost € 12.

To buy a ticket press the ticket symbol ( ticket) in the programme or in the movie page and confirm the date and time by choosing ga verder. You will then have the option to proceed as guest (Log in als gast) or to use an account at Filmhuis Lumen.

Box Office

The boxoffice of Filmhuis Lumen is open daily from 19:00 hrs and on the afternoons (from about 14:00 hrs) of Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday.