8-18 June 2023
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June 8-18, 2023

Our Spanish and Portuguese film festival Festibérico is back!

This twelfth edition includes more than 20 long and short feature films, animation films and documentaries. We show new films by old acquaintances such as Nayola by José Miguel Ribeiro and No táxi do Jack by Susana Nobre, and surprising documentaries about art (forgeries).

The opening film, Oswald. El falsificador reflects on original and copy. El Vermeer nº 36 also revolves around artists and counterfeiters. Main character Pep Girbent is present at the screening.

We also screen Mal viver and Viver mal by João Canijo, one about the owners and one about the guests of the same hotel. On the final day there is a screening of Spanish and Portuguese animation films with filmmaker Mónica Santos as a guest.

Festibérico is organized in cooperation with the Spanish and Portuguese embassies, Instituto Cervantes, Instituto Camões and local Portuguese and Spanish organisations.

All films have been specially imported for the festival and are spoken in Spanish or Portuguese with English subtitles unless otherwise noted. To make this special festival possible, the regular admission price for all screeningsis €12.